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Whether you want to modernize your existing healthcare practice or require capital for a start-up, Treasure Coast Equipment Financing can help you buy, lease or finance medical equipment supplies and accessories.

Medical Equipment FinancingIn the healthcare industry, a lot depends on the equipment you use with your patients. For the best patient care, medical facilities often have to turn to medical equipment leasing. The good news is we at Treasure Coast Equipment Financing, understand the stakes are high, and we further understand the costs can become very high as well. For this reason, we are one of the only medical equipment leasing companies that will work directly with you to ensure you have all the financing for the equipment you need to run a professional, safe, and sterile medical facility.

Whether you are in the market for the most high tech hardware and software, or the medical tools that will help your patients the most, we won’t stop at providing medical instrument leasing for your facility. We have professionals available to answer any questions you may have about your financial plan so you can get the equipment you need, when you need it.

Financing Helps Maintain a Healthy Bottom Line

Medical Equipment Financing SoftwareTreasure Coast Equipment Financing knows healthcare professionals depend on specialized equipment in order to help provide outstanding patient care. We also know the cost to purchase medical and dental equipment can be very high, which is why we’ve made healthcare equipment leasing a key part of our business. That’s why we specialize in equipment financing for medical and dental professionals nationwide. With our assistance, you can outfit your practice with everything it needs, for much less than it costs to buy with cash. Our healthcare equipment leasing solutions are affordable and created solely around your budget.

Financing Program for Medical Professionals

At Treasure Coast Equipment Financing, Inc. we offer unique equipment financing & leasing programs for the medical community. For years we have been servicing medical practitioners with one of the most comprehensive and competitive programs available. We offer a wide range of financing options specifically designed for medical practitioners.

Whether you are planning an expansion or seeking to upgrade your technology, our experienced medical equipment specialists will work with you to tailor an agreement that meets your needs. We can provide:

  • Financing up to 100% of equipment costs and related improvements
  • Terms up to 7 years
  • Step-up monthly payment structures
  • Seasonal structured payment program
  • Competitive pricing and payment structuring
  • Financing for complex expansion projects, equipment acquisitions, and new technology, including EHR

We provide financing for a variety of healthcare organizations, including:

  • Health systems and hospitals
  • Dental centers
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Hospital and physician joint ventures
  • Private practice
  • Oncology facilities
  • Imaging centers
  • Physician groups

Accepted Financing on:

  • Cardiology & Angiography Equipment
  • Technology & Computers
  • CT Scanners
  • Digital X-Ray & Converter
  • Dental Equipment
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Tables & Exam Equipment
  • Waiting Room Fixtures & Seating
  • TMJ Evaluation & Equipment
  • Software & Training
  • Communication Equipment
  • Cabinetry & Custom Build Out
  • Physical Therapy Equipment
  • X-Ray Film Processors
  • Radiology Equipment
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • Sterilizers
  • Sleep Apnea Equipment
  • and more …